Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Valley Partners 2022 Transactions Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Valley Partners had a nice year with 248 total 2022 transactions! Within those 248 transactions, there were 196 residential homes as well as 5 residential rentals. Not only did we help our clients with residential properties, but we also helped clients with 5 commercial properties and 6 multi-unit properties. […]
Real Estate Market Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Valley Partners 2021 Transactions Statistics   282 Total Transactions 239 Residential Home Transactions 17 Residential Rental Transactions 6 Commercial Transactions 12 Lot Transactions 8 Investment Transactions   68 Allentown 32 Emmaus 30 Macungie 19 Bethlehem 15 Breinigsville  
Buyer Tips 2022 Real Estate Market Predictions It is 2022 already?!?! This Real Estate Market has been crazy. With the major changes in everyone’s lives, many potential Sellers are no longer looking to sell their homes. There are also many Buyers that have already hunkered down rather than overpay, says Will Nesbitt. In other cases, there are Homeowners in more populated areas that […]
Lifestyle Ways To Enjoy Winter February is traditionally the coldest and most snowy month in Pennsylvania. Since there isn’t much going on and not many places to go, a lot of people are going stir-crazy! Here is a list of things that you might be able to do in the warmth of your home. Food & Drinks Comfort food or […]
Lifestyle Home Improvements Under 10K Do you want to improve your home for yourself and your family? Are you thinking of selling and want to increase your home’s value? With the Coronavirus, the home has become as important as ever. These small home improvements can make your home feel new! Upgrade The Curb Appeal Upgrading your home’s curb appeal is […]
Lifestyle Setting Up a Home Gym With the Coronavirus, many gyms are closed or you might not want to risk going to a gym. That is why creating a home gym could be a great choice! Not only would it be safer, but it is easier and more affordable. It even has the possibility of increasing your home value.  With the […]
Lifestyle New Year’s 2020: New Traditions and Good Luck This year traditions have been broken, technology has become even more relevant, and staying at home has been the new normal. For this New Year’s Eve, many traditions are going to be broken. Whether your New Year’s Traditions are going to Time Square in New York, seeing live music, going to your favorite bar or […]
Lifestyle Cookies For The Holidays Cookies are always a great present or dish to bring to any holiday party. They’re great even just for the family. Here are 11 fantastic cookie recipes! You could even pair the cookies with some great holiday drinks. Chocolate Chip Cookies Prep: 25 mins Bake: 8 mins at 375° per batch Yield: ~60 cookies Ingredients ½ cup shortening […]
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Lifestyle Shop Local This Holiday Season Small businesses have been struggling this year with the COVID restrictions. Some small businesses didn’t qualify for local, state, or federal aid which makes things even more difficult for them. These businesses have been fighting to survive. Shopping at small local businesses for holiday presents would help these businesses and the families running these businesses. […]
Real Estate Market Real Estate Market Predictions for 2021 It’s been a crazy year for everyone all over the world. With the Coronavirus, many things have been different this year. The Real Estate Market is one of the many things that have been affected. The Lehigh Valley shut down and restrictions were put in place at the worst time for Real Estate. It was […]
Lifestyle Mixed Drinks for the Holidays Mixed Drinks for the Holidays Whether you are having family holiday gatherings or some virtual holiday gatherings, mixed drinks are a must! Especially, if the gathering involves that in-law you have a hard time getting along with. It is easy to stick to your normal drink. But, why not change it up for the holidays […]
Lifestyle Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes Thanksgiving dishes are almost everyone’s favorite, but the calories are not. Here are a few healthy Thanksgiving dishes that are good for you and everyone will still love. Thanksgiving Dishes: Veggies Roasted Carrot and Fennel This dish is healthy, yet delicious! The caramelized carrots and fennel add a fantastic flavor. The raw carrots and fennel […]
Buyer Tips Buying and Selling During the Pandemic Safely Buying and Selling There has been so much uncertainty all of 2020, but, one thing we know for sure, is that the housing market in the Greater Lehigh Valley is on fire! There are so many buyers looking for homes. Although, there aren’t enough homes available. Why is that? Sellers have felt uncomfortable having […]
Lifestyle Creating a Cozy Home With the weather getting colder, home should be a place to relax, warm up, and get cozy. There are some easy ways to make any room in the home cozier than it is. Grab your blankets, candles, rugs, and maybe a hot chocolate. Let’s get cozy. Cozy Home: Bedroom & Living Room The bedroom and […]
Lifestyle Halloween 2020 This year is pretty different from past Halloweens. For a couple of years we had some bad snow storms, some years it was oddly warm out. We have even had creepy clown sightings! None of that compares to Halloween this year. This year we have to make sure to social distance to keep everyone safe. […]
Lifestyle Staying Safe And Connected This Fall Now that it is getting colder out, it is becoming more difficult to stay COVID-safe and connected with friends or family. There are a few options to stay safe and warm while keeping in touch with friends and family. Video calls are a great way to keep in touch. There are also so many games that […]
Buyer Tips Buying A Fixer-Upper Home Buying a fixer-upper home can be a great investment! Homes that need a lot of work and renovations are normally listed for much lower prices than they could be sold at if they were in good condition. Time and money are key factors to look at before purchasing a home that needs work. Some homes […]
Buyer Tips Home Inspections for Buyers It is always a good idea for buyers to have home inspections done. Inspectors will make sure that there are not any major issues with the home. They will take a look at the plumbing, roof, HVAC systems, and structure of the home. Sometimes lenders will require a home inspection before the approval of the […]
Lifestyle DIY Home Renovations Homes become outdated and need updating that can make your home more stylish, add some extra storage, and improve your resale value! Home renovations that will add the biggest return on investment are normally kitchen and bathroom renovations. You might not have as many handyman skills as your contractor, but there are some renovations that […]
Lifestyle Falling Into Fall Are you excited for Fall weather, food, and activities? So are we!! There are so many things to do in fall and so much comfort food to be excited for. Fall Activities Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, and Apple Picking –Savidge Farms in Mertztown, PA –Unangst Tree Farms in Bath, PA –Grim’s Orchard & Family Farms in Breinigsville, PA […]