Lifestyle September 9, 2020

Designing With Grey

Grey in your home

Grey is always a great color to use in your home. It is a calming, cool, neutral, and balanced color that is very easy to add any accent colors. Grey is timeless so your home won’t go out of style.

Different types of grey

Grey Doesn’t Have to Be Just Grey

There are many different types of grey. There are warm-greys, cool-greys, and everything in between. Green-Greys are good for bathrooms or kid’s areas. Greys with a green tint could also be a great color for a room where you may have lots of green plants in.

Grey with accent color

Grey is Perfect for Bright Accent Colors

Since grey is a very neutral color, there are unlimited colors that will be great as accents. Pops of bright oranges, yellows, greens, or really any color you could think of will go very well with grey walls. Even brown, black, and white would all go well with grey walls. Light grey walls with brown hardwood flooring or brown couches offer a sophisticated and chic look.

Grey With Patterns

Great With Patterns

Do you like patterns? With grey walls, your home will look amazing with patterns. Grey is neutral and balanced, so a pattern will add a splash of excitement to the room. The pattern could be bright and full of life or it could be a more subtle pattern that blends in with the grey. Either way, your grey room will be your favorite.